Love and HipHop

When I first started watching Love and HipHop, I was hoping that it would chronicle the lives and happenings of musical professionals making it up in their fields. Instead, what I saw was a lot of cut throat and fighting which I guess happens everywhere except they would be held accountable and probably fired.

Unfortunately, the networks capitalize on the drama and profit off the dysfunction and young kids watch to see how people act in the music industry. To make matters worse, I am being told that this show is scripted more and more tou highlight the negativity and division. What I find particularly degrading and disheartening is how the men treat the women on these shows and how being in the “creepsquad” is glorified.

This show could be a great opportunity to show young adults how to be professionals and actually make it in their careers. Physical altercations are not tolerated in a professional environment and neither is verbal abuse. Street fights should be kept in the streets, not in offices or studios. People this age can be easily molded. Is there room in their budget for one or two mentors to have on and off screen? Positivity is good for ratings. People do like happy endings and growth.


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