The Hookup Millennial Culture

I often wondered what Millennials meant when they talked about relationships. They often describe them in terms of “It’s whatever, we’re cool” and don’t label things. Feelings are often not identified and they report being very casual about things. Many have a dozen “side chicks” and “side dudes” as “back ups” and they have many exes who speak to their exes and so on. If the relationships are so casual, why is being a side person such a big deal? However, the same people that have side people are known to have a “main chick” and a “forever girl”. If someone is labeled a side chick, this person becomes irate and breaks up the relationship that most likely was never labeled or identified in the first place because everyone wants to be the main one.

I ve also noticed that this same culture is the culture of cutting (due to numb feelings), commitment phobia and the hook up culture has been linked to Depression and Substance Abuse. Women in the 40s have been told that they look better than some young adults growing up nowadays due to the faster lifestyle and pace which would naturally lead to higher levels of stress.

Much Kudos to Celebrities like Meagan Good who authored “ The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love” which is about the benefits of Celibacy as well as Ciara who described Celibacy as “awesome”.  Keisha Cole now embraces the lifestyle as well as many Youtubers. They all talk about how much baggage comes along with having multiple partners throughout one’s lifetime and the importance of healing and finding yourself until you find the person you are going to be monogamous with. Among some worthy goals are: Focusing on personal advancement in one’s career, finding peace and emotional stability, getting in tune with nature, improving self with therapy or self help methods, making sense of one’s childhood and coming to terms with it so that generational cycles can be broken and of course Spiritual Growth and becoming one with the creator. The threat of STDs and having babies being raised in broken homes goes without saying.

Ill stick to the old school ways. #oldschoolandproud


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