Fighting Sexism and Trafficking through Educational Funds

Opportunities for Women, Inc. was birthed on a Trip to the city of Dagupan, Philippines where I met the greatest group of young adults one could ever meet.  When speaking to this group, You would think that you were speaking to students from an Ivy League College. Most are fluent and articulate in English. Dagupan is poverty stricken and on the countryside, a few hours away from Manila. The students and parents displayed hunger, unity and determination to improve their plight by making sure that they receive the best education possible. The parents make sacrifices with the end goal of helping their kids receive an education.  They have Public Education until High School but they still have to purchase books and uniforms which most cannot afford. Without a college education there is no opportunity for a job there. My heart went out to the female population of Dagupan. Sexism is thriving there and if the women there don’t become financially independent, they are often forced into an abusive marriage or the sex trade. This is where Opportunities for Women comes in. So far, we funded a girl named Ethel who has graduated and wants to teach at the University of Luzon where she graduated which sits in the center of Dagupan. Currently, were funding a girl named Faye who was an Honors Student in High School and she is doing well. We hope to expand to other parts of the world soon.

Meet Opportunity for Women’s newest grantee Faye! She aspires to complete her BA in Communications and will then work in Journalism! Latest News:

Hi Tita Kathy!! I’m very glad to inform you that I was considered as one of the top Dean’s lister. I was elected to be the vice mayor of our arts and communications organization and next year they want me to be the president. God is good!!

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